Company overview

Company name Art Tech Inc.
C.E.O Yuichi Ito
Address 4-1-10 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 〒110-0016
TEL/FAX +81-3-5817-4546 / +81-3-5817-4547
Established 10th of February 1994
Capital 30 million yen
Number of employees 48 people
Qualified person 1st-class electrical construction management engineer: 1 person
1st-class electrician: 8 people
2nd-Class electrician: 22 people
Business description Electrical equipment design, construction, facility lighting sales
Air conditioning equipment design, construction, air conditioning device sales
Solar light construction, LED lighting construction
Overseas businesses/Civil engineering equipment/Construction equipment
Contractor's License  Permission of Saitama prefecture governor, general No.51657
Our bankers Saitama Resona Bank,Misato Branch
Tochigi Bank,Misato Central Branch
Joyo Bank,Misato Branch

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