contribution to life and the environment

Integrated construction industry in Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim

Who We Are

Our company was established in Saitama Prefecture, Japan (next to Tokyo) in 1994.
Since then, we have accumulated results for a quarter century as a group of engineers specializing in electrical work, mainly in the metropolitan area.

Private residences, corporate offices, condominiums, large-scale commercial facilities, factories, etc.
are our main work sites, and we work on the installation of large and small lighting facilities, including LEDs, solar power generation equipment, and air conditioning equipment there.

The common purpose of these is to promote energy-saving and the use of renewable energy and at the same time creating a comfortable living and working environment.

Efforts such as these agree with the SDGs which are recently being implemented worldwide (the international goals from the year 2016 to 2030 described in the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable
Development" adopted by the UN summit in September 2015).

In the future, we will add products such as Stein (Unique Soil Hardening Agent), thermal barrier coating, and disposers, and expand and contribute to the international community as Japan's SDGs model while focusing on the regions of Southeast Asia and Africa.


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