Stein : Unique Soil Hardening Agent

Stein is a special material which hardens the soil.
Among similar products, it achieves outstanding performance and is highly praised at many sites for its shortening of the construction period, reduction of the construction cost, and durability after construction.
Besides enabling the pavement of roads at a low cost, it can contribute to the establishment of a recycling-based society, such as with the effective usage of waste and the repair and preservation of polluted environments.

Thermal barrier coating

Thermal barrier coating reduces the effect of solar energy on indoor temperature, and it can save heating and lighting expenses when applied to the roof and the walls. The use of thermal barrier coating is indispensable especially in regions close to the equator, with strong sunlight.

Stein : Unique Soil Hardening Agent

A disposer is a device installed in the sink of a household kitchen to crush raw garbage and drain it to the sewage.
It makes it possible to dispose of raw garbage as soon as it appears, so it can prevent kitchen odors and flies.
Raw garbage that has been finely crushed and drained into the sewage can be disposed of in a joint septic tank or a public water purification facility as regular household wastewater.
As raw garbage no longer needs to be transported to an incineration facility and burned, it reduces the burden on households and the environment.